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13 Winter Horror Movies That Make the Polar Vortex Feel Like a Heat Wave

by Mike Joyce
The Overlook Hotel

The Polar Vortex is back with a vengeance. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a tropical climate — in which case I hate you right now — you’re probably hunkering down and waiting it out until spring. And nothing says cozy winter indoor fun than fuzzy slippers, a hot drink some winter horror movies.

There’s something special about a horror film with a winter setting: The feelings of isolation and paranoia are prevalent, and the bleak landscape itself could kill. Here’s a list of movies to pop in when you’re hiding under a blanket, listening to the wind howl just outside your window.

13. The Corridor

A group of friends get together in a snowy cabin to reconnect and help one of their own recover from a past trauma. They discover a mysterious corridor in the woods that alters their minds, and starts a chain reaction.

The Blackcoat's Daughter
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12. The Blackcoat’s Daughter

Two girls are stuck at a boarding school during winter break while a troubled student with a dark past is on her way to the same school.

11. Let the Right One in

A young vampire befriends a bullied little boy in frozen Sweden. This has also been remade in the US as “Let Me in” with a New Mexico setting.

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