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The 13 Coolest Pop Culture Appearances Of Jason Voorhees

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Jason Voorhees, the hockey-masked killer from the Friday the 13th movies, is about as iconic of a horror movie icon as there is these days.  The mask itself has become synonymous with not only the slasher genre, but with eighties horror in general.  Jason has crossed over into the non-horror world, and he seems to be having a lot of fun with it.  Here are 13 (because we’re dorks) of the coolest pop culture appearances of the Camp Crystal Lake Killer, Jason Voorhees.


1. MTV Lifetime Achievement Award

In 1992, MTV recognized Jason as the figurehead of horror that he is by bestowing the MTV Lifetime Achievement Award upon him at the channel’s annual Movie Awards ceremony.  Jason was the first fictional character to win the campy award (opening the door for Godzilla and Chewbacca to win their own) and, because he’s a fictional character, he had to send a proxy to accept it for him.  The acceptance video is below.

[youtube id=”gt7IDAb_HTU” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]


2. The Horror Hall of Fame

From honoree to presenter; on a horror awards show in 1990, Jason helped induct Night of the Living Dead into the Horror Hall of Fame.  And by “helped,” we mean Jason stood there looking fierce while Danny Pintauro from Cujo and Who’s the Boss did all of the actual inducting.  But then again, Jason never was a man of many words.

[youtube id=”VcMrwOg9kgg” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]


3. The Arsenio Hall Show

Like any other big star, Jason is expected to work the talk show circuit to promote each new movie, but that doesn’t mean he has to like it.  Here he is on The Arsenio Hall Show in 1989 “promoting” Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.

[youtube id=”09yOZsZuxMY” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]


4. Freddy vs. Jason Weigh-In

Speaking of movie promotions…in order to build buzz for the 2003 crossover movie Freddy vs. Jason, the two fighters met in Las Vegas for an official weigh-in and interview.  Again, a man of action, not words.

[youtube id=”Mq2yONl3yII” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]


5. Unlockable character in GTA V (?)

There have been rumors and myths of Jason Voorhees being an Easter egg or a cheat-code feature in the Grand Theft Auto video games, and there are even some videos online of people claiming to be playing as Jason.  Here’s one of them.  Whether it’s a legit find, a mod, or just a player who changed his characters clothes into coveralls and a hockey mask, it’s fun to watch.

[youtube id=”G433jmLKva4″ align=”center” autoplay=”no”]


6. Family Guy

One of the big status symbols of pop culture celebrity is being turned into a Family Guy character.  Jason has been portrayed on the show a few times, with this interview with Tricia Takanawa being a fan favorite.

[youtube id=”-32D-WyC8VY” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]


7. …And Robot Chicken

Everything that was just said about Family Guy can be applied to Robot Chicken.  Again, Jason has appeared on the show a handful of times.  Here’s Robot Chicken’s take on what a typical day for Jason Voorhees is like.

[youtube id=”bavGGIUulKw” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]


8. Onstage with Alice Cooper

When rocker Alice Cooper contributed the theme song to Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, Jason returned the favor by appearing in some of Coop’s stage shows.  Here he is during Alice’s 1986 The Nightmare Returns tour (at 2:45 in the video)…

[youtube id=”CLBjmRJkrek” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]

And here he is in a much more recent show, taking care of a pesky paparazzi while Alice and the band play the Friday VI theme (Jason at 2:15).

[youtube id=”Hg94SeFn_Pg” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]


9. PrankkBros

Here we have a couple of guys with a hidden camera letting Jason do what Jason does – scare the hell out of people.  Not the best Jason costume here, but maybe his good clothes were at the cleaners?  Still funny in a what-would-you-do kind of way.

[youtube id=”jK9tCtKNIKQ” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]


10. 2014 Radio Shack Super Bowl commercial

During last year’s Super Bowl, Jason got together with a bunch of other 80’s pop culture heroes like Chucky, ALF, and Teen Wolf for a Radio Shack ad that turned out to be the most memorable commercial of the day.  Too bad the cool commercial couldn’t save Radio Shack, who announced its bankruptcy a mere year after this ad’s airing.

[youtube id=”YpkixVDFpcI” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]


11. Monster-Mania in 2014

Even with all of his popularity, Jason still gives back to the fans who got him where he is today.  Here he is being “interviewed” at the 2014 Monster-Mania Convention.  The word “interviewed” is in quotes because, well, we’ve already established that Jason is the strong, silent type.  This clip has Michael Myers first, then Jason shows up at about 2:00.

[youtube id=”6tnVQK7IYUQ” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]


12. Slash/Up – Sarah Connor vs. Jason Voorhees

A character cannot be considered an icon until they appear in fan fiction.  Not content with Freddy vs. Jason, the web series Slash/Up pitted Jason against the final girl/buttkicker from The Terminator, Sarah Connor.

[youtube id=”yBj-BEf1eTk” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]


13. First Jason Music Video

As anyone who has been to a horror convention can probably tell you, the actor who played Jason Voorhees as a young boy in the first Friday the 13th movie, Ari Lehman, has parlayed that one role into a music career, forming a heavy metal band called…wait for it…First Jason.  Realizing that he’d be nowhere without that first portrayal, Jason helps Ari out when he can by appearing in his music videos.  Alice Cooper it’s not, but hey – Ari Lehman was the FIRST JASON!

[youtube id=”-F2CKVIbaic” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]

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