12 Spooky Halloween Short Films to Marathon Tonight!


The Last Halloween (2013)

On Halloween night, it is said all sorts of supernatural things roam the streets. Director Marc Roussel brings us a nightmarish, apocalyptic depiction of what could happen on the one night of the year when these entities are unleashed.

The King and Queen of Halloween (2014)

A couple pranksters decide to vandalize a man’s Halloween décor, but his best decorations are yet to come. This twisted holiday tale by Anna Maguire and Stuart Spears will have punks thinking twice about who they mess with on All Hallow’s Eve.

A Tricky Treat (2015)

This festive dark comedy Halloween short film by Patricia Chica has Tales From the Crypt, and The Twilight Zone written all over it. Chica flips the pumpkin carving tradition on its ear to create one bizarre, disturbing, and goofy short. “Don’t forget to help me with the eyes.”

Blackout (2015)

In this first person POV spook-fest from Joshua Curtis and Doug Vandegrift Jr., a man wakes up on a stormy night just before the power goes out, and quickly realizes he may not be alone in his house. For those who were bummed Silent Hills was canceled after that terrifying gameplay demo, this just may lift your spirits.

Ghost House (2016)

This expertly crafted horror comedy by Ryan Connolly follows a family who moves in to a new house, only to discover something evil lurks within. Connolly lovingly pokes fun at the familiar haunted house premise providing some great scares and laughs along the way.

Red Balloon (2010)

As a storms pours down outside, babysitter Rachel is having trouble trying to get little Dorothy to fall asleep. But bad dreams aren’t all that is troubling the poor child. Directed by Alexis Wajsbrot and Damien Mace, who also wrote alongside Jimmy Pinto, this short proves there’s nothing like an old-fashioned urban legend to chill you to the bone!

What will you be watching this Halloween night? Do you have any Halloween short film suggestions? Let us know in the comments, and have a fun, safe All Hallow’s Eve! Happy Halloween!


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