'Suckablood' -Bloody Cuts, Millennium

It’s our favorite night of the year, and we’re celebrating by providing our beloved horror fans with a list of spooky Halloween short films to marathon! Whether you’re handing out candy, having friends over for a scary movie night, or curling up with a special guy or ghoul and a bowl of popcorn, we’ve got you covered tonight.

So put on your costume, carve a few pumpkins, and remember…always check your candy. Here’s our list of Halloween short films to give you the holiday shivers.

Skypemare (2013)

Alison’s boring night home alone on Halloween gets much more terrifying than she bargained for when she sees something lurking in the background during a Skype call with her friend. This horror treat by writer/director John Fitzpatrick has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Suckablood (2012)

Bloody Cuts Films’ Suckablood is a ridiculously fun, spooky tale directed by Ben Tillett about a monster that punishes those naughty enough to suck their thumb. A Gothic setting, fairytale-like storytelling, and one creepy, malicious old crone makes this brilliant short a must-watch on Halloween!

They Live Inside Us (2015)

If you’re still upset that Halloween was never turned into a holiday anthology franchise after the third film, then Michael Ballif’s The Witching Season series has you covered! In this entry, a writer spends the night in a haunted house to get inspiration for his next story, but he may not live to see it finished. Check out Ballif’s channel for more Halloween short films!

The Ten Steps (2004)

Director Brendan Muldowney’s nostalgic horror short feels like a lost episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark. A power outage forces a teenage girl to go down to find the fuse box in the cellar of her new home where local legends say the devil is known to appear. The agonizing suspense slowly ratchets up as she descends into the basement trying to overcome her fear. This one will make you feel like a kid on Halloween again.

House Call (2011)

A woman murders her abusive husband to be with another man, but she wasn’t counting on having to deal with a curse from her vengeful mother-in-law. Fans who have The Evil Dead on their Halloween marathon list every year will love Erik Wilson’s House Call. The slapstick horror will put a smile on the faces of Sam Raimi fans.

Night of the Slasher (2015)

Shant Hamassian’s love note to classic slasher films goes down the checklist of horror sins (literally), and tells a gleefully self-aware tale that will make any genre buff smile from ear to ear. This fast paced Halloween short film will have you in stitches with all the 80’s horror references, style, and fan service it crams into its 11 minute runtime.

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