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It seems that Lego building blocks are going to follow us throughout our lives no matter where we are. Admit it, the true nerd in you gets triggered every time you see them.

So when we notice Lego builders who are also horror fans we get excited because they tend to customize things that only we would understand.

All of the theatrical Lego movies are great, but Hollywood probably wouldn’t green light an all-brick “Halloween” or “Insidious.”

But never fear, we went on a search of our own and found plenty of inventive brick-builders such as XxDeadmanzZ who love the genre as much as we do.

There is even a group on Flickr called Lego Movie Posters. We taken some from there and other places around the net and posted them below.

Of course we like to think that in another dimension a universe exists in Lego form that would include a Poltergeist movie.

Now everything is awesome!

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