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There was still one last bit of hype to wring out of the It movie in October. That was of course due to Halloween where the movie’s monster “Pennywise” was a popular costume choice.

But one youngster got the photo shoot of his dreams to become Bill Skarsgård’s now famous movie monster and the results are stunning.

German Alexander Photography

Jordan Alexander Penilla, 10, is a horror movie buff, he’s even met the directors of Annabelle and The Conjuring. But photographer German Alexander wanted to take his love of the genre just a little bit further, he gathered his team of professionals to transform the tween into Pennywise.

Alexander says working with Jordan was great and that, “he took really good direction.”

German Alexander Photography

His mother says Jordan makes his own horror movies on his iPad and during this photo shoot, he didn’t want to be called by his name, instead, he wanted to be addressed as Pennywise.

“He loves what he does and hopefully it’ll all come true and he’ll get to make movies [professionally] someday.” said his mother.

German Alexander Photography

German Alexander Photography

The make-up applications initially took four hours, then two hours after that.

Back in September, we brought you the story of another modern Pennywise makeover, this time it was an older brother doing all the work himself on his younger brother Louie; his photos went viral. He then doubled-down and put little bro in retro, making him Tim Curry’s version of the clown.

The hype may have passed for the opening of It in theaters, but will probably return once the movie hits the home theater market. Director  Andy Muschietti has said the Blu-Ray will be a director’s cut with extended and deleted scenes.