The 10 Most WTF Moments from Horror-Comedy “Detention”

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detention riley and claptonIf the acronym WTF manifested itself into a movie, it might look something like the 2011 horror-comedy Detention, starring Josh Hutcherson. Detention is the story of a killer mimicking the one from a popular movie-within-the-movie called Cinderhella as he or she terrorizes the students of a small-town high school. Sounds normal enough, eh? Just peruse these 10 WTF moments and you’ll understand (mild SPOILERS ahead).

10. The first character we see identifies herself as a BITCH. Not bitch in a derogatory sense, but BITCH meaning Beauty, Intelligence, Talent, Charisma, and Hoobastank. Yes, the band. She is promptly murdered.

9. Our heroine, Riley, hates the world and is down on her luck. See? detention riley bad luckOn her way to school one morning, she is casually robbed of her iPod in broad daylight by a knife-wielding hipster in a Sigur Ros T-shirt (which he stole, of course). They exchange words, and Riley continues on her way minus her iPod shuffle, as if this kind of laid back thievery were an everyday occurrence.

8. The killer wears a tiara. Need I say more?

7. In the movie-within-the-movie, Cinderhella II, the killer has set up a Saw-like trap wherein a prom queen must dig a shoe out of her abdomen. Her biggest protest during this? She worked so hard in pilates to get her stomach toned, and her muscles are too tight to allow for adequate stabbing/digging. detention cinderhella

6. In science class, students are actually tasked with building a time machine. For real—the teacher has asked the students to legitimately build a machine that travels through time, and their grades depend on it.

5. Over the years, killers in horror movies have had to improvise or get a bit clever when it comes to the weapons they use to dispatch their victims. This one has decided to use a ceiling fan, because why not? detention ceiling fan

4. When you wish upon a star, your mother gets abducted by aliens.

3. Ash’s chainsaw hand in Army of Darkness is legendary in the horror genre. Not so legendary is the kid who needed to wear a TV set on his hand to hide a strange deformity. “TV Hand! TV Hand! TV Hand,” his classmates taunted.  Kids can be so cruel. detention tv hand

2. A football player becomes choked up during a game and vomits on a teammate. Oh, and his vomit is made of acid. And it dissolves his teammate’s helmet.

1. Throughout the film there are title screens that act like chapter names or descriptions for characters’ back stories. One such title featured a combination of words I never thought I’d see in my life: The Disturbing Abduction of the Time-Traveling Bear. Allow the following picture to give you a visual: detention bear abduction

For these and many, many more WTF moments, sign in for Detention, now available to stream on Netflix. Watch the trailer below to whet your appetite.

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