10 Weirdest Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Online

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Halloween is almost here, and if you’re like most of us, you probably haven’t picked a costume yet. Thankfully, you’re in luck: There are plenty of costume shops, both online and brick-and-mortar, offering expedited shipping and extended store hours.

With the great selection of costumes, you’re going to come across some that are just strange, for one reason or another. Here are the weirdest costumes I’ve found:

Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson Halloween costume

Well, it’s a spot-on image for Bart, but it doesn’t really translate well to real life. I mean, just look at those creepy, googly eyes. Those eyes say “I’ll swallow your soul, man!” At least this is an officially licensed Simpsons product, so they can use the name instead of calling it “Eat My Shorts Kid” or something like that.

Available from HalloweenCostumes.com.

Sharknado Tornado

Sharknado tornado Halloween costume

Someone had the bright idea to paint over all the unsold pizza slices. Bravo. Also, isn’t “Sharnkado tornado” redundant?

Available from BuyCostumes.com. 

Big Baby

Big baby Halloween costume

This is the face of fear. You think you go to Heaven when you die? No, you go to the giant angry baby head.

Available from Spirit Halloween.

Big Foot

Big Foot Halloween costume

Pun costumes are, well…you’ve got to really love puns I guess. I enjoy puns as much as the next English major, but I never really thought they had the gravitas to carry a whole costume. This one’s pretty lazy, as far as puns go.

Available from Target. 

Jurassic Bombshell


Jurassic bombshell Halloween costume

I mean, I love dinosaurs, but I never thought “sexy dinosaur” would enter my lexicon. But there it is, seductively shaking its scales at me.

Available from BuyCostumes.com. 

UPDATE: It looks like the Jurassic Bombshell costume has been discontinued. Maybe dinosaurs are finally tired of being sexualized.

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