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Aliens are representative of the unknown, and the unknown can frighten the pants off of anyone. They can burst out of your chest, steal your kids, take over your mind, and bleed their acid blood all over you.

Although not entirely considered a horror genre, the alien movie genre houses some pretty scary movies, with some pretty intense scenes. The following are 10 scenes from alien movies that made me hope never to have a close encounter, of any kind.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

[youtube id=”lUXHB5U-Vl4″]

I don’t think that’s Matthew…

The Fourth Kind (2009)

[youtube id=”JFRgTWHz1Mg”]

The Fourth Kind combines “real footage” of a tale of an alien abduction with reenactments. I think this might qualify as an “out-of-body experience”.

Alien (1979)

[youtube id=”LsD6AL3HJtM”]

The scene is as epic as it is iconic. “Don’t touch it!” is right…

The Invasion (2007)

[youtube id=”kgVSv1NfaE4″]

As if solicitors weren’t scary enough?

Signs (2002)

[youtube id=”aIhnqkXWSR8″]

Nothing like a party crasher to ruin your birthday.

Fire in the Sky (1993)

[youtube id=”wsjhdoWKtXM”]

This whole scene is terrifying. TERRIFYING. Lesson? Don’t get out of the car.

The Thing (1982)

[youtube id=”hqVbOSEsJNo”]

Though the 2011 prequel might have a scarier version of this scene, nothing beats Kurt Russell’s version.

Communion (1989)

[youtube id=”szwvjXo_sHQ”]

I’ll probably never play peek-a-boo again.

War of the Worlds (2005)

[youtube id=”rYGWG2_PB_Q”]

I started jogging after watching this movie. I also never heard train whistles the same ever again. At least they’re quick and efficient.

The Blob (1988)

[youtube id=”glzcxa7jtoI”]

Every death scene. Every single death scene.

Kristen Ashly is a contributor for iHorror. You can follow Kristen on Twitter @KristenAshly.