10 reasons to tune in and save NBC’s ‘Constantine’

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Why is it that the best shows are the ones that always hang in the balance? It is a lifelong curse that great shows are either made or broken in the first two seasons and most end up broken.

With comic book franchises doing so well it’s a bit of a surprise that NBC’s “Constantine” would fall on the chopping block so early. It had a strong viewership start, and sort of fell of and then back on and then off again. NBC hasn’t come straight out and cancelled it yet, but they haven’t renewed either.

It is really going to come down to the last 2 episodes of the season to see if it will survive .Ironically the last episode takes place on Friday the 13th which can’t just be coincidence. 13 is John’s lucky number though so maybe for him it will be a lucky day.

We here at iHorror would love to see “Constantine” survive the demon that is NBC. John is a dabbler in the dark arts after all, so with his spells and a little help from viewers we might get another couple of seasons and more.

I put together 10 reasons for you to catch up and tune in on these final two episodes and keep “Constantine” alive. If you haven’t seen the earlier eps they are up on demand and if you want to help the show survive just switch the TV on to NBC at 8PM let it play event if you can’t watch and be part of the cause. As John would say this show getting cancelled would be “bollocks, mate.”


1. The Exorcist demon makes an appearance

Yep, Pazuzu himself makes a large appearance in the season. As a last resort Constantine summons the wind demon in order to fight a demon that Pazuzu had bad history with. The result ends up being equally as bad as the original bad situation and Pazuzu is able to possess someone again. This is complete with a full out exorcism scene that is a great addition to exorcisms in film and TV.

Pazuzu isn’t the only demonology based demon that makes an appearance either. Lots of great mythology going on from episode to episode.


2. It has some genuinely scary moments

Constantine is based on the DC comic book franchise and instead of going the more superhero route, they have taken the show in a horror driven direction. There are sequences that are on par with the best of what “The Conjuring” or “Insidious” had to offer. And manage to  i burn themselves into your mind and stay there.


3. Matt Ryan IS Constantine

Not since the casting of “Walking Dead” did characters seem to jump from page to screen the way they do with Ryan as Constantine. The guy takes it seriously, and exudes the confidence and swagger that fans are used to from the Hellblazer series.

4. He is part of the bigger DC picture

DC originally introduced Constantine in “Swamp Thing” he later on dabbles in “The Justice League” and makes appearances in several other comics. With shows like “Arrow” and a “Justice League” film on the way who is to say that Matt Ryan wouldn’t be one of the cast members. I would love to see the occult make a bigger appearance in comic movies and shows and he is the gateway to that possibility.


5. The Sandman and Constantine

Constantine plays a major role in the beginning of “The Sandman” story. And with a “Sandman” film in the works it wouldn’t be too hard to see Neil Gaiman or Warner Bros. reaching out to Ryan to make a cameo alongside the dream master

6. The cast is awesome

I’ve already said Ryan IS Constantine, but the rest of the cast is equally great. Harold Perrineau as Manny the angel is awesome in his role as the angelic presence that keeps Constantine on the path to fight the rising darkness. Perrineau brings with it an ever changing approach to the role, over the course of the seasons he has gone from a presence that doesn’t assist at all to one that bends rules of heaven to help John out.

Charles Halford is John’s lovable best mate Chas. Chas is a guy who can die over and over and keep coming back making for the perfect distraction or muscle that is needed in a right hand man. Halford brings Chas a personable approach, and is one of my favorites on the series.

Angelica Celaya plays the mysterious and sexy Zed Martin. Through the series you learn more about Zed and what role she plays in the greater picture. But in the beginning it’s more about her ability that aids Constantine on his quest to seek out budding evil.


7. The comic offers endless cannon to draw from

From hidden easter eggs to familiar characters, Constantine has a rich background to draw from both in plot and winks at fans. Felix Faust and The Spectre have both made appearances with many more to come… if the show survives.

8. He is a antihero with an emphasis on the ANTI

Constantine is a selfish bloke. His history makes him shut off emotionally to the world around him. He will sacrifice anyone and anything in order to accomplish his mission. Throughout the season John has proved that no friend is too valuable to sacrifice if need be. I love this different approach to the main hero. He isn’t always likeable and he does things that take you by surprise.


9. Practical makeup effects

This season alone is already award winning in terms of the makeup effects. In my opinion it gives “Walking Dead” a run for its money and is a reason to tune in all on its own.


10. “Constantine” is a win for horror

We are all horror fans, we love creepy images that stay with us, we love exorcisms and we love the occult and all things unexplained. This is the perfect example of all those things all under one shows roof. From episodes about the devil’s vinyl record to an entity that takes children’s souls it is all here. The entertainment industry is all about trends and if “Constantine” became one of those trends maybe we would get to see more horror comics turned into shows or film. But for now Constantine’s fate lies in our hands.

Make sure to tune in tonight at 8PM on NBC and for a final episode next Friday at 8PM. The dabbler in the dark arts is still in the fight; let’s give my mate a little help.


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