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4. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

“Who Got Dee Pregnant?”

its always sunny

Oh yes. Who got the damn bird, erm, Dee preggo, was the million dollar question of the Halloween themed episode. Dee drops the bomb on the gang that one of the boys impregnated her at the drunken Halloween party at Paddy’s Pub. The episode consists of the guys putting together hazy memories from the night of shenanigans to solve the query. The running gag apart from the mystery of the rogue sperm that did the unthinkable, was that in each flashback, Dee became more and more bird-like leading up to Mac’s piecing together the nights events. Brilliance.

3. American Horror Story: Murder House



We can sit around all day and argue about which season of AHS is the superior one; but I think we can all agree that “Murder House” was one hell of a ride from start to finish. The two-part Halloween episode has a LOT going on in there, but easily keeps us interested with all the madness that surrounds pretty much every character. Between the tragic circumstances that consume Constance and Addie, the love triangle between Vivian, Hayden, and Ben, and our personal favorite- the weird, yet adorable romance between Tate and Violet, all connects together into a twisted tale of how the dead walk among us from director Murphy, who implements the very essence of Halloween into this double episode. Just to be fair however here, Coven’s Halloween episode was a pretty close second.

2. The Simpsons

“Treehouse Of Horror 3”


Clearly we can’t exclude Treehouse Of Horror! Out of the dozens of entries from the annual Simpsons special, I had the unpleasant task of choosing the one special I deemed to be the best all at the risk of pissing off a few readers in the process. In the end I had to go with the third Halloween special from the fourth season that included “Clown Without Pity”, “King Homer”, and “Dial Z For Zombies”. “King Homer” is a retelling of the classic film, KIng Kong with-you guesses it, Homer as the giant ape. “Dial Z For Zombies” starts off in reminiscent of Pet Semetery when Bart and Lisa discover a book of black magic, and use the spells within to resurrect their long dead cat. Of course they instead end up reviving all the corpses in the human cemetery nearby and it quickly becomes an animated humorous Romero shtick. My personal favorite tale from this episode is “Clown Without Pity” which s loosely based off The Twilight Zone‘s “The Living Doll”. Bumbling Homer once again forgot Bart’s birthday and rushes out to find him the perfect gift. He eneters a shady store of mysterious objects and comes across the Talking Krusty doll. Homer is warned it is cursed but he brings it home anyway, and chaos ensues as the doll makes its consciousness known to Homer, and only him, and swears he will kill him. We also learn about the potential dangers about Potassium Benzoate in Frogurt toppings. That’s bad.




1. Roseanne


roseanne boo

No one tops the Queen of Halloween Roseanne Conner! The Connor family pull out the big guns on their favorite holiday almost every season, but the very first Halloween special enitled “Boo”, is the cream of the crop in Halloween TV special episodes. Really, what’s not to love here? The incessant  pranking between the family members, the nostalgic Halloween decorations strung about the house, and the ooze of the joyous Halloween spirit completely vomits all over this episode. It’s a goddamn beautiful thing, and I petition for Obama to declare this a national treasure.