10 Great Posters Made by Fans

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A movie poster is important. It is used to identify movies right away and of course to get you interested in a movie. In some instances the poster makes the movie seem better than it actually is. Great posters also show you something more than just the stars. They give you an idea of the deeper ideas of the film.

All of these movies are great, some even perfect. And some have great posters. But there are always artistic fans who have their own take on these movie’s posters. We handpicked some of our favorite fan posters to share with the world.

The VVitch

The VVitch movie poster

By Adam Juresko. Source

Night of the Living Dead


Mark Welser. Source

Cabin in the Woods

The Thing


Insidious movie fan poster

Jordan Debney. Source

The Shining

Shining movie fan poster

Matt Griffin. Source


The Visit

A Nightmare on Friday the 13th

Okay, this is not really a movie. But it surely would be a great one. First you might think it’s just Freddy vs Jason until you look at the fine print. SAM RAIMI, ROBERT ENGLUND, HEATHER LANGENKAMP, BRUCE CAMPBELL. I would love to see it!

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