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10 Films You Might Want To Check Out On Shudder!

by Ryan T. Cusick

Has the coronavirus got you down? Looking for something to do? Well, look no further as we count down in no particular order the ten essential movies that you may have seen but NEED to revisit on Shudder.

So let the countdown commence…

Black Christmas [1974]

With the 2019 release of Blumhouse’s reboot of Black Christmas, this is one you ought to revisit.

Escape From New York [1981]

We could all use a little Snake Plissken in our lives right about now. Plissken, save us!!

Silent Night Deadly Night 2 [1987]

“It’s garbage day!” Much of the film is a recap of the original, but definitely a goodie that deserves a revisit.

Summer of 84 [2018]

In the vein of Stranger Things and The Goonies, this one is the perfect film to kick up your feet, watch, and enjoy the ride.

Phantasm [1979]

With four sequels under its belt, which one in the franchise is your favorite? Beware of horror’s indelible Tall Man!

The Exorcist III [1990]

The second sequel to the landmark 1973 horror film The Exorcist, this sequel has received rave reviews over the years and has developed quite the cult following.

Hell Night [1981]

Speaking of The Exorcist, this 1981 American slasher film stars Linda Blair and is a testament of how to polish up and old apple and making it look appealing, check this one out.

Nightmare Cinema [2019]

This anthology brings the old ‘Masters of Horror’ format back home to fans in a five-part very well-curated anthology film packed with everything we have come to love over the years of horror cinema.

Chopping Mall [1986]

A robot security system malfunctions and begin to kill everyone, doesn’t sound too farfetched, now does it?

Body Bags [1993]

Strong work by John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper a truly underrated horror film.

Here are some honorable mentions –
Halloween [1978]
Return Of The Living Dead III [1993]
Hello Mary Lou Prom Night II [1987]
Class of 1984 [1982]
So there you have it, folks, your Shudder survival guide to combat boredom. No excuse to get bored when you have a killer list such as this! Let’s make the best of this. #StayScary



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