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The commercials are always the highlight of the Super Bowl, for me personally, but I think even the biggest football fans will agree that last night’s game was trumped by one absolutely awesome commercial, which everyone on the internet is talking about today. While the game itself was a total squash, and a dull and boring one because of it, Radio Shack’s throwback ad was one of the best we’ve ever seen on Super Bowl Sunday, jam packed with 80s icons like Jason Voorhees, Chucky, Slimer, Teen Wolf and Hulk Hogan.

Rather than simply posting that commercial, we here on iHorror have decided to use it as the springboard for a post about other awesome horror-inspired commercials we’ve seen over the years. Because the only thing better than one of them is ten of them, am I right?!

Check out this year’s incredible Radio Shack ad above, and then look below for nine more that are also worth your time!

Years before Radio Shack did it, DirecTV mashed together a bunch of big screen villains for this epic commercial, which aired in Argentina. Jason, Chucky, Freddy, Hannibal and even The Ring‘s Sadako/Samara team up for this one, which shows that you can have a heart while at the same time having a desire to rip out the hearts of others!

DiGiorno catered to horror fans a few years back with this commercial for their half & half pizza, which takes us inside Norman Bates’ iconic house on the hill. A brilliant use of Norman’s split personality, to advertise what is essentially a split personality pizza!

This French McDonald’s commercial puts a fun spin on the Friday the 13th movies, which of course typically feature Jason chasing young girls through the woods. This time around, however, the roles are reversed, because it’s Jason that’s got something the girls want!

Though Google is and always has been the search engine of my choosing, I admit that I was left rethinking that choice, after seeing this commercial a few years back. The Shining has been spoofed, parodied and homaged in many commercials over the years, but nobody’s done it better than Bing!

This Heineken commercial hails from Italy, and stars a particularly frightening looking version of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Though at first it appears that the Creature just wants to crack open a cold one and catch a buzz, his plans turn out to be a whole lot more sinister than that, as you’ll see when you click the play button above!

Some of the best commercials are the ones that are deemed unfit to air, as is this the case with this one for Hyundai, which was banned from Dutch television. It’s not hard to see why, but it’s actually a brilliant commercial with a great safety message, one that plays up the fact that the Hyundai Veloster only has passenger doors on the right-hand side. Take that, Grim Reaper!

After being labeled ‘stupid’ and ‘provocative’ in a series of parental complaints, this commercial for XXL Sporting Goods suffered a similar fate as the Hyundai commercial above, when it was pulled from prime-time television over in Norway. Stupid? Not quite. Provocative? Sure, but what fun is a commercial that’s not provocative?!

Polish mobile network Simplus caught the attention of viewers with this commercial in 2008, which was clearly inspired by the 2001 film The Others. This mother’s young son is talking to people she can’t see… but there’s a far less frightening explanation than the one provided for us in the movie!

Commercials don’t get much more clever than this last one for Dirt Devil, which changes everything you thought you knew about demonic possession. Is the Devil to blame, or is the Dirt Devil to blame… that is the question!

Can you think of any other horror-inspired commercials that we should check out? Comment below and let us know!