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It’s been 13 years since Zak Bagans introduced us to his brand of paranormal investigating in the documentary “Ghost Adventures,” which eventually turned into a popular series on Travel Channel, and in the spirit of great television the beefy host once again did something for his Halloween special he wasn’t supposed to – no surprise there.

Bagans has been criticized for many things including fakery, exuberant histrionics, and in the paranormal community dangerously testing the unseen forces that be by constantly breaking the rules.

This was made excruciatingly clear in his latest stunt in which he found himself face to face with the real Annabelle doll, an item that is not to be touched without proper protections.

The real Annabelle – Xtrascoop

The original Raggedy Ann doll was later stylized in the film The Conjuring, and its namesake spinoffs, to look more menacing, but the original had been safely locked away behind glass in the Warren Occult Museum for many years.

Ed and Lorraine Warren are demonologists who spent decades investigating hauntings, including the Amityville Horror house in the 70’s. They safety keep cursed items in their basement. Or so we thought.

The real Annabelle, now owned by Tony Spera is supposedly a force not to be reckoned with, enough so in order to even see her there should be holy water around and only the most spiritually inoculated should touch her…. with gloves on.

But Zak doesn’t follow the rules and apparently suffers from spiritual ADD because, despite the warnings from Spera, he touched her anyway. Spera became angry and put her back in the box, even though Bagans said it wasn’t his fault. He also says he regrets doing it and has apologized to Lorraine and Tony.

Bagans claims, “Touching her I feel has lead to many strange events and I do believe was indeed a dangerous thing to do.”

Oddly, there are even skeptics in the paranormal community who think the entire thing was staged, the doll was not, in fact, Annabelle but a (ahem) dummy because the danger in bringing her around unprotected people would be would be too great.

Bagans still sticks by his claim though, saying the killer cloth doll drew him into her space

“I absorb and sense energies around me at a very high level,” Bagans said in a Facebook post after the incident. “Whether it’s from living people, residual energy, objects or from spirits. I’ve been like this my entire life. I am not a psychic medium. I am a sensitive.” He adds: “It’s a rush, it’s draining, it’s exhilarating, it’s terrifying all-in-one depending who or what I’m in contact with.”

Whether you believe in cursed objects or not, some paranormal professionals say Zak should just control himself period.

“As someone who is a sensitive and a medium, I believe it is possible that Bagans could also be gifted,” says Waylon Jordan of Paranormal Investigating, “but at this point in his career, if he’s going to keep doing what he is doing, he is going to have to learn to control those gifts and know when to put the walls up so that he doesn’t hurt himself or worse, others.”