Our interests say a lot about us as individuals.  Some of our interests shape us more than others, and some are more telling than the rest.  Now see what your favorite horror movie subgenre says about your secret fetish.

Vampires and Bondage

Underworld produced by Lakeshore Entertainment

Vampires are elegant and social creatures.  They are also very seductive and passionate lovers.  While some are lone hunters, many others find themselves in covens with multiple partners and enjoy each other’s company.

If these tall, dark, and brooding creatures of the night are your favorite monsters of the horror world, your secret fetish is bondage!  Whether it’s metal, leather, rope, saran wrap, or fluffy handcuffs, you love anything that is used to tie you up and restrict your movement.

Sometimes these bounds are ones that can be hastily applied in the heat of the moment, such as tape, handcuffs or zip ties.  Other times you enjoy rope in various textures and colors.  Rope can also be used to bind you in wearable and restrictive fashion, or it can be used to create beautiful knots that your lover takes time in designing along your body.

Werewolves and the Exhibitionist

‘Ginger Snaps’ 2000 produced by Copperheart Entertainment

Werewolves are usually pack hunters, but they are also very independent in their activities outside of the group.  They are wild creatures at heart, dictated by their emotions and instincts, and they are very impulsive.

If you find werewolf movies are your horror subgenre of choice then your secret fetish, my friend, is exhibitionism!

Nothing gets you hot and bothered like the risky adventure of having sex in public.  Whether it’s in the bathroom of a nightclub, a cemetery at midnight,  or a secluded clearing in the woods, the chance someone may overhear your naughty nightly debauchery really gets your blood pumping!

Zombie/Undead and the Casual Partner

‘Return of the Living Dead 3’ produced by Bandai Visual Company
Ozla Productions

Zombies and the undead are creatures with very simple needs; to feed.  Once those needs are met these creatures move onto their next victim, and then their next, and then their next.  Their hunger is insatiable.

If zombies and the undead are your cup of blood, you enjoy casual sexual encounters!

A night of intense passion to feed your most intense needs followed by the next morning when you each go your own way is exactly what you’re looking for.  No strings attached please.  This doesn’t make you a slut or a player, you just enjoy multiple consensual partners without the commitment of a relationship.  It’s no big deal as long as no one gets hurt… well, maybe except for some consensual biting.


Slasher Movies and Edge Play

‘Freddy vs Jason’ produced by New Line CInema

You can’t keep these masked killers of the entertainment world down… literally.  Once they have their mind set on a victim they will relentlessly pursue them until they are obtained.

If this is your favorite subgenre of the horror universe, cat and mouse is your game!  More specifically you are into edge play, my kinky friend!

This is one of the more dangerous and intense kinks, and is not to be entered into lightly.  RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and SSC (Safe Sane Consensual) are definitely in your wheelhouse.  You enjoy being stalked and helpless at the hands of your relentless pursuer.  You are a true masochist and give them all of the power, but that doesn’t mean you won’t go down without a fight.  Depending on the type of guy or girl you are, you may be the first victim, or you may be the final.  Either way you will not leave the situation unscathed!

Alien Movies and MedFet

‘American Mary’ produced by IndustryWorks Pictures

Aliens are silent explorers of the universe as well as organisms they don’t understand, namely us.  They abduct humans and experiment on them with questionable motives and usually very little regard for whether or not we survive.  When they’re not experimenting on us they are overpowering our species with their physical stature and advanced technology.

Is your movie collection dominated by these flicks from another world?  Well then, your secret fetish is MedFet.  In other words; let’s play Doctor!

You are turned on by being restrained and helpless to someone who is more physically imposing and intelligent than you are.  There is no way out of these situations, after all you are most likely tied to an operating table.  Due to the leather straps, or perhaps the local anesthesia, you have to helplessly submit.  All you can do is pray they will eventually release you.  But let’s face it, you secretly enjoy having your body explored with hands and implements.  The slow drawn out torture of being their silent prey as they subject you to one test after another is what brings you back time and time again.

Found Footage Films and the Voyeur

‘Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2’ produced by Artisan Entertainment

In the last decade there has been an explosion of found footage movies.  Stories about demonic possessions, hauntings, crimes, and viral outbreaks have all used this style of film making.

If this new subgenre of horror movies sounds like how you pass your time watching movies, you secret fetish is voyeurism!

You enjoy watching others as they are engaged in sexual activities, but you do not directly participate yourself.  This doesn’t necessarily make you a peeping Tom, there are many ways you can be a voyeur and have it be consensual and legal.  Watching a friend’s sex tape, arranging a threesome where you watch from afar, or viewing live adult videos online are all ways to be a consensual voyeur.  Whichever route you decide to take, you enjoy watching the action from a distance instead of directly participating up close and personal, and hey, that’s ok!  We’re not here to judge.