Your Chance To Be Part Of Anthology Horror History With ‘THE FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL’


I love when I see groundbreaking moments in film. You know those moments that you know are history in the making? This would easily be placed in that column. Alamo Drafthouse CEO, Tim League and Producer, Ant Timpson, have brought us some bizarre and disturbingly awesome films in the form of The ABC’s Of Death, Turbo Kid and The Greasy Strangler. Each of those films unapologetically went for the true indie genre destination. Well, League and Timpson are coming back to the world of anthology horror with The Field Of Evil. And this time around they are offering you a chance to own part of the action.

We have all seen the crowdfunding platform that offers perk rewards on different price level tiers. Well, this one does that too, (and has some great perks you seriously have to check out) but on top of your perks you will also own equity in your investment! That makes you part owner of the film.

League and Timpson are madmen but the kinda of madmen that you want to oversee genre specific film.

The Field Guide To Evil breaks down like this:
From the dangerously demented minds that brought you The ABCs of Death, Turbo Kid, and The Greasy Strangler comes The Field Guide to Evil, an entirely new vision of anthology horror inspired by a global exploration of folklore and mythology. The film has launched a campaign on First Democracy VC, a funding portal brought through a partnership between Indiegogo and MicroVentures. This will allow anyone the chance to become a true investor in the production, becoming the very first film equity crowdfunding campaign that Indiegogo and MicroVentures have done through their partnership. 
From producers Ant Timpson and Alamo Drafthouse CEO/Founder Tim League, The Field Guide to Evil brings together eight of the most exciting voices in international filmmaking to shine a light on the stories from around the world that have kept people sleepless since before the birth of cinema.
The stories and filmmakers hail from Austria (Veronika Franz & Severin Fiala, Goodnight Mommy), Germany (Katrin Gebbe, Nothing Bad Can Happen), Greece (Yannis Veslemes, Norway), India (Ashim Ahluwalia, Miss Lovely), Poland (Agnieszka Smoczynska, The Lure), Turkey (Can Evrenol, Baskin), and the United States (Calvin Reeder, The Rambler).
“Tim League and I have been thinking about a global folklore anthology for a few years now – we’re both fascinated with the rich history in certain countries and how well-told oral folklore has evolved over centuries and across cultures. We loved the idea of approaching filmmakers whom we felt had the perfect sensibility to bring to life dark folklore from their country of origin. The tales won’t be familiar friendly fare that others have mined over the years. The filmmakers will be going down untraveled paths to explore tales that are atmospheric, disturbing, and provocative,” said producer Ant Timpson.
This innovative approach to horror storytelling is also offering an equally innovative approach to crowdfunding, becoming the first film to offer equity financing from Indiegogo and MicroVentures through their funding portal First Democracy VC. Along with a list of incredible perks, fans everywhere will now have the chance to become a true partner in the production of The Field Guide to Evil.

I love folklore. Especially horror-centric folklore. That already had me at hello, but toss in the impressive talent stepping in to tell these stories and I personally am beyond in. For a in-depth breakdown of how this opportunity works, head over HERE and check out the details.

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