Can it be?? The sweet snitch who sits on your shelf during the month of December is actually an evil creature who kills the people on his naughty list?

That’s the concept, sort of, for the low-budget holiday treat The Elf.

Recently dolls have been making a comeback. This summer we had Annabelle: Creation and just this week Cult of Chucky made his latest debut on Netflix. Both films were welcomed by mostly positive reviews.

Although The Elf probably won’t measure up to the ultimate holiday creature feature Gremlins or even 2015’s  visually striking Krampus, there is definitely a throw-back feel to the popular Full Moon Video (Puppet Master) and Empire Pictures (Ghoulies, Dolls) days of the 80’s.

Here is the description according to the BD Horror Trailers and Clips YouTube channel with the trailer to follow.

“Nick is haunted by night terrors stemming from a tragic murder he saw when he was young.

After inheriting an old toy shop, he discovers a cursed elf doll sealed inside an ancient chest with a naughty list of his family’s names written on it.

He soon discovers that the elf was an evil conduit meant to unleash a supernatural killing spree during the Christmas Holidays by whoever set it free.”