Unfriended: Dark Web arrives in theaters July 20th
Unfriended: Dark Web

It looks like we're being pulled into the "Dark Web". 😱 This stuff is scary... if you don't cover your computer camera... you might after watching this! Unfriended Dark Web is out July 20th! 🖥👀 #Unfriended #DarkWeb #iHorror #UnfriendedDarkWeb

Posted by iHorror on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

After over 10 years off the air, 2016 saw iconic sci-fi/horror series The X-Files return to TV with a 6-episode revival season. The ratings for the revival were through the roof, leading FOX to order another new season, this time consisting of 10 episodes.

The X-Files has always had a knack for booking great guest stars, including such genre luminaries as Bruce Campbell, Tony Todd, and Terry O’Quinn. Now, TV Line reports that season 11 has signed on Haley Joel Osment to guest star in an episode set to center on Mulder and Scully’s boss, Walter Skinner.


According to creator Chris Carter, the episode in question will serve as an origin story for Skinner, and reveal why the FBI assistant director became the gruff but loyal man that he is.

It’s unclear at present who Osment will play in the episode, but there is some speculation that he might be portraying a younger version of Skinner himself. That is in no way confirmed though, and Osment could just as easily be playing another figure from Skinner’s past.

The X-Files

Osment is of course best known to horror fans for his work as a child star in M. Night Shyamlan’s 1999 hit The Sixth Sense, in which he delivered the immortal line “I see dead people” to co-star Bruce Willis.

In more recent years, the now grown-up Osment has guest starred on such series as Amazon’s Alpha House and HBO’s Silicon Valley. He also voiced Sora in the popular Kingdom Hearts video game series. It’ll be cool to see him back inside the horror realm once again.


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