In 2018, will the truth still be out there? It would appear so, at least as far as FOX is concerned. The network will soon present X-Philes with a brand new season of 10 episodes, continuing on from 2016’s initial revival season.

Mulder and Scully will of course be back, as will supporting players like the sinister CSM, Walter Skinner, and Monica Reyes. Also returning are Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose as young, Mulder and Scully-like agents Miller and Einstein. Guest starring in mystery roles are Insidious’ Barbara Hershey and The Sixth Sense’s Haley Joel Osment.

X-Files return

The X-Files’ 6-episode season 10 was a huge ratings hit for FOX, and proved that the classic sci-fi/horror series still has a devoted fanbase ready to see stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson investigate monster sightings and expose alien conspiracies.

According to TV Line, FOX will debut The X-Files season 11 on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018. That’s a new night for the show to air on, as season 10 debuted on a Sunday and aired afterward on Mondays. Check out of the official poster for the new season below.

I for one am psyched for The X-Files’ return. I never get tired of seeing Mulder and Scully solve mysteries, and seeing what crazy stuff creator Chris Carter will invent for them to deal with.

While season 10 wasn’t perfect, it was fun overall, and this time the writers have more episodes to work with. My only real complaint is how little of the mythology stuff that we’re getting. At least it finally looks like Mulder and Scully will be reunited with their son William this year. That reunion is a long time coming.