Supernatural fans rejoice! Our favorite monster hunting brothers, Sam and Dean and their besties Cass and Crowley are at it again for another season. That’s right Winchesterphiles, Supernatural was renewed for season 13! Lucky thirteen and in celebration, I have recruited a few iHorror authors/superfans to give us some insight on their favorite episodes from seasons 1-12.

I had trouble narrowing down to one favorite on this list, so I’m going to take up two spots. I love Supernatural. I have watched this show since the pilot aired in 2005. I can remember stumbling across it one night five minutes into the show. I took one look at baby and I’ve never looked back.

Yellow Fever S04E06

In this episode, a ghost sickness is infecting the living, causing fear and paranoia until the infected dies. The tell-tale signs include being afraid of tiny Chihuahuas and scratching the skin off their arms. Dean ends up contracting the illness and fun and silliness ensue as they try to find a cure.

I love when the Winchesters get silly. Just like with X-files, there’s a linear mythology, but sprinkled in are these wonderful one-offs that lighten everything up.

There’s one scene that became a meme where Dean loses his shit when a cat jumps out of a locker: gold.Top all of this with the little nugget of Dean lip-syncing to Eye of the Tiger and you got yourself one hell of an episode.


Fan Fiction S10E05 

One of my favorites of all time, the show literally could have ended with this episode and I would have been sad to see them go but happy with where it ended. The boys hit the road for a suspected case when they end up at a high school putting on a musical…Supernatural the Musical. Complete with Baby, Sam, Dean, Cass, Bobby and more, this musical in itself is amazing.

If someone made an actual stage musical out of this episode, I would buy a first row seat and sing along…loudly and obnoxiously. Do not miss this episode. Go, watch it now and then come back so we can sing together.

Kelly McNeely’s Picks

Kelly is picking two on this list. Here’s what she had to say:

Mystery Spot S03E11

“My favorite Supernatural episode is S03E11, Mystery Spot. Aside from being one of the most quotable episodes of the series, it’s both hilarious and heartbreaking. In this especially dark version of Groundhog Day, no matter what the bothers do, Dean will always die. Sam’s attempts to stop it are an exercise in futility that shows him the gravity of their overall situation.”

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Weekend at Bobby’s S06E04

“Full disclosure, I love Bobby. There something about that straight-talkin’ curmudgeon that just speaks to me. This is one of my favorite episodes for the simple reason that we finally see what the Hell that man does all day. Hint: he does a lot.”

“When you see his dedication to helping all the hunters (aside from Sam and Dean), you gain a newfound appreciation for his vast knowledge and well-crafted skill. There’s perfect comedic timing throughout the episode and it’s a really wonderful opportunity for Jim Beaver to take center stage and just own it.”

Ina Creekbaum’s Pick

 Asylum S01E10

“Season 1 is my favorite season. So many great episodes to pick from! One of my favorites is Asylum because it had a good story, great creep factor and kept me pulled in the whole time!! I really enjoy ghost stories and this one has everything you need. Sam and Dean go to an abandoned asylum and in the process help a young couple that are trapped inside.”

“They learn that the head doctor was in fact evil and cruel. He subjected his patients to horrible experiments until they revolted. His body was never found but the local legend states that the ghosts wander the halls and will drive anyone that stays overnight to madness!! Dean and Sam search for the body of the doctor so they can burn the remains to put an end to the horror of the asylum.”

“Do they find the doctor? Are they driven mad? Do they save the young couple? I could tell you…but that wouldn’t be as much fun as watching!! Enjoy!!”

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This is just a small list in comparison to the insane number of great episodes. If you need more, Supernatural streams seasons 1-11 free on Netflix. Season 12 returns January 26th on the the CW. Also, catch up on the latest Supernatural news here. Now, get to bingeing on our favorite duo that keeps on “saving people and hunting things.”