Working with Jigsaw (VIDEO)

Teaming horror with comedy can be a tricky endeavor, but when done correctly, it is absolutely priceless. To watch, anyway. The experience of Jigsaw may not be quite as cool as you’d think.

Over a year ago, Chris Capel of HandleBarMustacheLand created the brilliant Living with Jigsaw, and in true genre fashion, good ideas lead to success which lead to the inevitable sequel.

When we left Billy the Puppet, he had force fed Gary’s keys to his dog and the stakes of the game were clear: Gary was charged with extracting said keys utilizing only a drawer full of ice cream scoops or be late-to-work-for-the-fourth-time-that-week.

This time around, we get a peek behind the cubicle at the trap of sharing office space with John Kramer’s tricycle-riding menace. As one might expect, it’s not exactly conducive to productivity.

Whoever would have thought that sharing a desk with Dwight Schrute would be the lesser of two evils?

Billy may be a straight shooter, but that guy does not have upper management written all over him.