Is it a marijuana induced paranoid delusion? Is it a movie length dream sequence? What exactly is Woodshock?

If you look at the teaser the answers aren’t readily clear other than Kirsten Dunst is back on the big screen in something other than a romantic comedy, or high school musical about cheerleading gang warfare on the professional circuit.

But we have been pleasantly surprised by the people over at A24 with their horror offerings as of late. The critically acclaimed The Witch was 50/50 among fans, and the new release of It Comes at Night has some critics already raving.

But “Woodshock” appears to be an existential experiment in horror movie making with expansive wide shots of towering trees, cuts to the view inside a car as it goes through a car wash and a synth choral score running through Dunst’s character taking flight.

This all culminates into the question at the end of the under two-minute clip, “What did you do Teresa, What did you do?”

We should ask Kirsten the same thing.

Perhaps it is this WTF trailer that will have fans intrigued enough to find out for themselves when it releases in theaters on September 15, 2017.


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