You Should Give “Friday the 13th Part V” a Second Chance


It’s Friday the 13th so of course it’s time to watch everyone’s favorite serial killer kick some ass. But which movie should we pick this time. Maybe the first one? Maybe the second one? Play the game?

But what if I told you to try the fifth one again? No, wait, put the machete away and let me tell you why I think that you should give Friday the 13th: A New Beginning a second chance.

About the Movie

The second movie in the well-loved “Tommy Jarvis Trilogy” that started with little Tommy (Corey Feldman) in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and ends in Jason lives with Tommy (Thom Mathews) all grown up.

In this installment, we have John Shepherd playing him as a teenager. After the events of the fourth movie, Tommy is sent to a halfway house to recover. But after one patient is brutally murdered, things go as expected (crazy). Is Jason back? But, Tommy defeated him.

Jason comes back from the dead in a dream Tommy has, but was it really only a dream?

Why the Hate?


I think for most some people’s disappointment stems from two things: One of the first kills of the movie is by another patient, having nothing to do with Jason. But (Spoiler Warning, but this is called “a second chance, so I’m expecting you know it already) Jason isn’t even in it: He appears in a dream. But the real killer is not even Jason!

Friday the 13th
It was HIM!!!

It’s a twist-ending with a random guy; the ambulance driver. And as we know from Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, some people don’t like changing a formula, especially when they eliminate the series’ true monster.

Why You Should Watch It Again

I think the reasons listed above are pretty much the only gripes people have about it. Other than that it’s a great slasher movie, with more blood and gore and a higher body count than any of the previous movies. Also, the first non-dream kill is so weird it’s almost funny. The body count is 22, and most of those people die in some creative ways (the belt to the head sticks in memory for sure). The kills were actually impressive enough to be made into a song/music video.

Friday the 13th

The characters, while stereotypical and bland, are still fun, and it surely adds a layer to the characters that they aren’t normal kids. They are all in the halfway house for a reason, most of them because they are crazy.

After having said all that: This is not the best in the franchise. Not even close. But it is not completely bad. Dare I say it was on par with most of the others. Each has both flaws and perks. I say look at the positive. Turn off your brain and have a fun time. Don’t be sad Jason is not the killer. Instead be happy to see the aftermath.

Final Thoughts

Tommy is probably the first character to have apparent real feelings in the slasher series. After being attacked by a killer that murdered everyone he knew with a machete when he was little; it marked him forever. He didn’t become a psychologist to help others fight his demon. Tommy didn’t get to go off to college to start the next fling. instead, he went so crazy he had to be admitted to a special facility.

In the end, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning is maybe not the best movie, but it has some perks to it and you should not skip it. You should not hate it. Give it a second chance and think about it.

Maybe watch it right now.

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