Watch “Stranger Things” Get Hilariously Riffed By the MST3K Gang


Written by Patti Pauley

This past Easter weekend marked the triumphant return of the cult show Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), and although the cast has changed to keep up with the times, those smack-talking robots we all have come to love throughout the years remain the same. Original series creator and human bad B-movie test subject Joel Hodgson is still involved behind the scenes, with Nerdist podcaster Jonah Ray stepping into the series lead along with comedians Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day as the sort of evil mad scientists who mean to see how long it will take someone to crack under the likes of such horrific horror and sci-fi gems as Reptilicus and The Beast of Hollow Mountain.

stranger things-mst3k

In celebration of the long-awaited comeback from fans of the show that first debuted back in 1988, Netflix decided to have a little fun in promoting the new episodes by having the MST3K gang poke fun at one of the streaming giant’s biggest hits of last year- Stranger Things. And holy shit, it is funny as hell.

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While it isn’t an entire episode but rather a snippet, and I’m throwing this out there right now, I surely wouldn’t mind seeing the whole series get the Tom Servo/Crow/Jonah treatment. We need to know where the nipple is dammit! Check out the promo clip below that features iHorror award nominee David Harbour’s character of Chief Hopper getting roasted by the gang.

I have to say, I’ve watched a handful of these new episodes these past weekend, and it’s just as if the series never left in the first place. The show doesn’t skip a beat, stays true to its roots, and is just as hilarious as it ever was. Be sure to check out the 14 ‘spankin new episodes currently streaming on Netflix alongside 20 of the best original episodes that are available as well!