‘The Walking Dead:’ Watch the First 3 Minutes of Season 8!


Are you ready folks? Can you feel the coming storm? This Sunday night, AMC brings to the world the hotly anticipated season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead, a.k.a. the highest rated drama in all of TV.

While season 7 drew some criticism for being too dour and brutal – why, it’s almost like TWD is a harsh, apocalyptic zombie show or something – it was still the undisputed champ when it comes to ratings and social media chatter, and there’s no reason to expect that season 8 will be any different.

The Walking Dead season 8 poster

To stoke the flames of last minute hype, AMC has released the first 3 minutes of The Walking Dead’s season 8 premiere episode online early, and you can watch the clip below.

Don’t expect any big plot revelations, but you will get to see some of the early preparations that Rick’s forces are making for their coming war with Negan.

That Rick, he sure has gotten good at giving inspirational speeches to rally the troops. One can only imagine the similar speech given by Negan over at the Savior compound, which probably ended with something along the lines of “defeat Rick or I’m gonna kill every damn one of you with Lucille.” True inspiration.

The Walking Dead season 8 premieres Sunday at 9pm EST on AMC. Tune in, or you’ll have no idea what the hell all your friends and relatives are talking about the next day, and also have to hide from social media all day to avoid getting spoiled on who died.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer - Old Man Rick
Pictured above: You, hibernating to avoid spoilers