The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer Heads to War


While The Walking Dead season 7 proved to be arguably the most controversial season of the AMC series to date, TWD ultimately retained its crown as the highest rated show on TV, a perch it has held for many a year now.

Following the brutal deaths of Glenn and Abraham at the hands of Negan, Rick tried his best to accept a life of servitude underneath the sadistic dictator.

It didn’t take long for that arrangement to go south in a big way though, and now, it’s time for the combined forces of Rick’s group, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom to literally fight for their lives.

Shiva on The Walking Dead

Fresh out of San Diego Comic-Con comes the first trailer for The Walking Dead season 8, and it promises perhaps the most action-packed season of TWD to date. It’s time for all-out war to commence, and make no mistake, there will be casualties. Check the full trailer out below, and just try to contain your excitement.

The Walking Dead season 8 premieres Sunday, October 22nd on AMC. Judging by the above trailer, fans are in for one hell of a wild ride. P.S. What is up with that shot of old Rick waking up near the end? Are we about to get an “it was all a dream” twist?

The Walking Dead season 8 poster