As of last weekend, another season of AMC’s hit zombie apocalypse drama The Walking Dead is in the books, and what an eventful season it turned out to be.

Of course, TWD season 7 was also one of the most divisive yet among fans, with many finding the overall pace to be too slow, and feeling that watching Rick and company subjugate themselves to Negan for so long was off-putting.

Some viewers also whined about Negan’s head-smashing kills being too brutal, but here at iHorror, blood is always more than welcome.

Despite these various complaints – and a lot of provocatively titled articles online about several ratings drops that occurred being the death knell for the series – the numbers don’t lie, as Deadline reports that TWD season 7 once again managed to emerge as the highest rated scripted show on all of TV.

This is the fifth straight year that Walking Dead has topped the ratings war among scripted programs for the coveted 18-49 demographic, becoming the first drama in history to accomplish that particular feat.

Daryl Dixon Dies

However, the news for TWD isn’t entirely good. The aforementioned ratings drops may have been overblown by some, but they definitely did happen, and if the series keeps dropping, eventually it’ll fall off of its throne.

One thing that has helped so far is that Walking Dead’s peak ratings – which happened during season 5 – were so incredibly high that even with the hits it’s taken so far, TWD’s numbers still currently smoke most other scripted series. The dominance has to end one day, but for now, it’s good to be the king.