‘Volumes of Blood Horror Stories’ Receives Distribution!

We have some fun news to share. Petri Entertainment has secured the rights for the horror anthology Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories! The film will be released under Petri’s new genre label Dark Cuts, and a hopeful release in the Summer of 2017. Petri Entertainment is the company behind the 2015 film The Funhouse Massacre, which stars, Robert Englund, Jere Burns, and Scottie Thompson.

Will will have more details soon.

Check out our quick Q & A with creators P.J. Starks & Eric Huskisson! 

Ryan T. Cusick: Will we see a Blu-Ray release of VOBHS? If so, how about bonus features? Fans of the genre can never get enough.

P.J. Starks: Oh yeah, that’s one of the reasons behind selecting Petri Entertainment. They know how to do a release right so that the film will be hitting DVD, Bluray, and VOD. We don’t have all the bonus features squared away just yet, but we’ll have some behind the scenes featurettes, a gag reel and a few other standard specials. I’m talking with all the directors now about setting up interviews to discuss working on the film and some possible commentaries. I also have an idea for a cool commentary that fans will love, but I’m not giving that one away just yet.

RTC: When will the film be released on DVD / Blu-ray?

PJS: We don’t have a specific street date as of yet, however, we’re looking at a Summer 2017 release. That’ll give everyone plenty of time to get their hands on it and make it a part of their Halloween festivities.

RTC: Can you tell us about Petri Entertainment and how the decision was made to use this company as your distributor?

Eric Huskisson: PJ and I had talked with a few distributors already and read through their contracts. During this process, PJ had found out about Petri and contacted them to see if they would be interested in giving our new film a look. They apparently liked it because the next thing you know we’re having conference calls with them talking distribution. We had an instant connection with Warner and Andy. It was like PJ, and I were talking to ourselves. I think our personalities meshed well and that’s a plus when you’re doing business with someone. They knew where Blood Moon Pictures was coming from being a newly formed production company and understood our questions and concerns with our new film. Their distribution territory and media types fit right into what we wanted for Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories. Another big plus is that we liked that Petri goes to festivals to market directly to the public. After several conference calls, we made it official and signed with Petri for distribution of VOBHS. PJ and I can’t wait to meet Andy and Warren this coming weekend at Horror Hound in Cincinnati.

RTC: The rumor mill has been working overtime, and I have been reading a lot of hype about a sequel to VOBHS? Hopefully, the hype has some truth behind it, can you elaborate on this?

EH: Well I’ll say how it started was with PJ and I wanting things to be different for Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories compared to the first Volumes of Blood. The success of VOB made us realize we had to go bigger and better for VOB 2 with it being a sequel. It started with us forming our production company Blood Moon Pictures back in December 2015. Then we wanted to take the production for VOBHS to a whole new level, and I think we did that. The auditioning process, special F/X, and bringing in new talent for directing were just a few of the things that I think put us where we wanted to be. PJ did a great job in securing the directors and Moses Moseley for this production. It also helped that we got a lot of sponsorship for this film which helped take us to the next level as well. With all this being said I can’t honestly say I believe all the rave reviews and press VOBHS has gotten. I knew PJ, and I achieved what we set out to do but never expected all this hype. I’m very proud of this film but never expected this much press. I’m glad to hear it though because our cast and crew worked their asses off in extreme heat sometimes 15-16 hrs a day with no pay. That’s true Indie right there, and they all deserve what is being said about the film they helped create.

RTC: Thanks for sharing this fantastic news with us! Be sure to check out the photo gallery below.

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