I’m such a sucker for The Signal. Not the more recent sci-fi film with the same name, but the older one. The one about a broadcast signal that makes everyone lose their mind and start slaughtering each other. The film was divided into three intertwining stories about a few survivors trying to escape the city or to at the very least find safety. One of The Signal’s directors, Dan Bush, has released a trailer for his next film The Vault, and it looks like its gonna be another genre-bending journey.

The story revolves around a bank robbery that goes terribly wrong, when a group of criminals decides to break into a mysterious vault deep underground. Looks like whatever was in the vault was in there for a good reason. After its opened it appears the survivors in the bank have something insidious on their hands and greed for cash turns into a fight for survival.

The Dan Bush directed segment in The Signal is my favorite of the three, he balances a nice amount of humor, gore and tension. I’m definitely looking forward to what he has in store with this one. Also, if you haven’t seen The Signal yet, go get on that, guys. Its pretty freakin great.

The Vault stars James Franco, Taryn Manning, Clifton Collins Jr and Scott Haze Look for it when it hits select theaters and On Demand Sept. 1st.