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Anne Rice fans rejoice!  For what seems like an eternity, we have been waiting on news of where and how Rice’s epic series of novels, The Vampire Chronicles, would be brought to life in a long format television series.  Today, we are one official step closer!

In a statement that appeared on the author’s Facebook page, it was revealed that Paramount Television and Anonymous Content will be tackling the adaptation of the series.  This is exciting news for fans in the know.  Paramount Television and Anonymous Content have previously produced huge hits like “True Detective” and “The Knick”.  They are also the production team behind the hugely popular and controversial “13 Reasons Why” currently streaming on Netflix.

The Vampire Chronicles tells the story of the life, death, and undead life of the Vampire Lestat.  Rice’s prose has been lauded for its fine attention to detail and epic storytelling.  A long form adaptation of the work will allow fans, for the first time, to experience a fully realized version of Rice’s familiar stories for the small screen, and clearly there could be no better time for it.  We have been experiencing a golden age in television with enormous production values, high quality acting, and an unflinching eye.

It’s further thrilling that her son, Christopher Rice, will be along for this roller coaster ride.  The younger Rice is an accomplished novelist himself in a variety of genres and he, too, expressed his joy at finding a production home for his mother’s master work.  The two previously announced this year that they had authored a sequel to Anne’s novel Ramses the Damned.

There is no news yet as to the show’s broadcast home, but if this writer had his way I’d want a Netflix release with a season dropped at a time for maximum binging pleasure!

And so, now, the real adventure begins as fans await casting news to find out which actors will be bring Lestat, Louis, Gabrielle, Marius, and the myriad host of other vampires to life!  Keep checking back for more details as we have them.