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Alex Garland made his directorial debut with the fantastic sci-fi film Ex Machina, out now in theaters, but it was well over a decade ago that he wrote 28 Days Later. It’s now been almost 10 years since the sequel infected theaters, and talks of another have once again picked up.

While promoting Ex Machina, Garland revealed to Indiewire that he recently wrote a story for 28 Months Later, which will be used as the framework for the second sequel. Andrew Macdonald, who produced both Days and Weeks, is set to again produce, though Garland says his own involvement is minimal.

About two years ago, Danny [Boyle] started collaborating on the potential to make Trainspotting 2,” Garland explained. “In that conversation, an idea for ’28 Months’ arrived. I had a funny idea. I had a sort of weird idea that popped into my head. Partly because of a trip I’d taken. I had this thought, and I suggested it to Andrew and Danny, but I also said I don’t want to work on it. I don’t really want to play a role, and Andrew said, ‘Leave it to me.’ So he’s gone off and is working on it.”

Garland did not return to write 28 Weeks Later, as his general stance on sequels is that he has no interest in forcing ideas, for the sake of striking while the iron is hot. With 28 Months Later, however, the idea came to him very organically, and so he feels confidently that it’s a sequel worth making.

No word yet on if Danny Boyle will be returning to direct, though we’ll of course keep you posted as we learn more.