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One of the biggest surprises out of this year’s South By South West festival was how impressive and different Unfriended: Dark Web ended up being. The BH Tilt sequel to 2014’s Unfriended explores an entirely different, and real world look at what goes bump in the night while on the web.

Unfriended follows a group of young chums getting together via webcam to bust each others balls and for game night session, only to discover one of their group is using a stolen laptop with some extremely vicious stuff stored on the hard drive.

This leads to a night of terrifying voyeurism and straight up survival.

While the first film dove into a specifically supernatural narrative, this one is much more haunting and real-world grounded.

It’s sure to make you put some tape over your webcam if you haven’t already. Try to ignore the faux look at internet culture and the fact that someone has to say “Dude, this is dark web… the dark net is mostly about the bad guys.” It’s actually a pretty mean journey into some scary places that I really enjoyed.

Blumhouse Tilt, theatrically releases Unfriended: Dark Web July 20.