Trilogy of Terror Finally Headed to Blu-Ray!


Every horror fan has the sub-genres that really tickle their fancy, whether that be zombies, ghosts, or something really specific like demon-possessed animals. Me, one of my great loves is the good old anthology film. I’ve always loved short horror stories, whether they be told in print, on TV, or as part of an omnibus movie.

One of the best remembered anthology horror films ever is 1975’s Trilogy of Terror. Directed by Dan Curtis, Trilogy told three chilling tales – naturally – all starring Karen Black in the lead role. Trilogy of Terror was made for TV, but back before that was necessarily a bad thing, as the 70s played host to many memorable small screen movies.

The most beloved story in Trilogy of Terror is definitely the final one, in which Black’s character is tormented by a tiny but relentless Zuni Fetish Doll. People loved the doll so much that it returned for another adventure in 1996 sequel Trilogy of Terror II, although that film is generally not nearly as well liked.

For those looking to experience Trilogy of Terror in glorious 1080p, rejoice, as Kino Lorber recently announced that they’re set to bring the televised classic to Blu-Ray in 2018. An exact release date or special features listing has yet to be revealed, although the film will be presented via a brand new HD master.

The old Trilogy of Terror DVD is long out of print, so for anyone looking to own the film, this Blu-Ray release will present as good an opportunity as there’s been in quite a while. If you haven’t seen it, you really should, as it’s quite fun, and Black gives her various performances everything she has.