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Written by Patti Pauley

The glorious holiday we all wait 364 days out of the year for is just a short three months away, and if you’re about to tell me I’m jumping the gun here on the Halloween talk, just stop right there. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. Nothing gets me through the bullshit heat waves of the desert sun like sitting in my comfortably air-conditioned home, scrolling the interwebs searching for my next Halloween costume. If it’s a mask I need, my go-to is of course, Trick or Treat Studios.

The famed Trick or Treat Studios is widely known for its incredible attention to detail regarding props, costumes, and of course Halloween masks. They capture the very spirit of whatever character mask they create and I’ve yet to be unimpressed with their handiwork. The artists over there have duplicated, quite stunningly, various faces of famed horror icons to give you the sure win at any costume party. The Rob Zombie Collection in particular, is unlike any you’ll find at your local Halloween Mart. This year, the studios have added three new masks to that very collection. Two in particular to excite you for Rob Zombie’s highly anticipated new film 31, that is to be released to various VOD outlets September 16, 2016 ahead of a theatrical release in October, ( Yeah, I know it’s confusing). Check them out!




Rob Zombie’s 31 – Schizo Head Halloween Mask


Rob Zombie’s 31 – Psycho Head Halloween Mask


Both masks based off characters from the new film 31 were sculpted by Conner Deless, who used detailed screen shots provided by Zombie himself to etch every minuscule detail into the masks.




House of 1,000 Corpses Doctor Satan Halloween Mask


Created by Rich Krusell, this Dr. Satan mask from House of a 1000 Corpses, is according to the website- and I believe them, the most accurate likeness of the doctor ever produced.


All three masks are available right now for pre-order at the respectable price of $59.99 each, and will ship sometime between August and September of 2016. Check out the complete Rob Zombie collection from Trick or Treat Studios by clicking here and start planning that award-winning costume!