Back near the beginning of this year, fans were shocked by the announcement that infamous director M. Night Shyamalan – who has finally started to repair his image via efforts like The Visit and the upcoming Split – was set to produce a revival of Tales from the Crypt for TNT. While many were excited by the news, that excitement turned more cautious after it was made clear that the new series did not have the rights to use the classic Cryptkeeper puppet from the HBO series that fans have come to know and love.

Still, those looking forward to Shyamlan and TNT’s updated take on Crypt might have found themselves wondering why it’s been so long since an update on the project’s development was provided. It turns out that there’s a good reason for this lack of news, although it’s not a particularly positive one. While TNT’s Crypt revival isn’t quite dead entirely, it’s currently unclear when exactly the revamped series will end up moving forward.

Tales from the Crypt’s delayed status was first reported on by Bloody Disgusting, and later confirmed by a TNT representative via the following statement:

“The underlying rights to this classic, vintage property are complicated. TNT and others have been pursuing a solution for more than a year, with significant progress being made. We look forward to the potential for further active development of this valuable franchise once the clearance process is fully resolved.”

So, there you have it folks. As with many things in Hollywood, Crypt being put on ice – for now anyway – comes down to frustrating legal hurdles and complex rights issues. Hopefully, things eventually get worked out. The world needs more anthology horror TV shows, Cryptkeeper or no Cryptkeeper.

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