Watch: Tim Curry Singing and Dancing in 1986’s ‘The Worst Witch’

What I wouldn’t have given to have grown up during the 1980’s. Everything about it seemed so over-the-top – so ridiculous – so delightfully corny. My regret grows with each new piece uncovered. In this case, we have Tim Curry singing one of the silliest songs I’ve ever heard in The Worst Witch.

The man has been lauded for his performances in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and It. But somewhere in between, he got mixed up with the wrong gig and ended up channeling David Bowie for “Anything Can Happen on Halloween”, a song sure to become a staple in your Halloween party mix for those who are just discovering it now – like me, for example. Standout lines from the song include: “Anything can happen on Halloween / Your dog could turn into a cat / There may be a toad in your bass guitar / Or your sister could turn into a bat.” He then goes on to warn that “Gremlins gonna mess up every cassette from  London to Idaho.” So please, people, keep your VHS tapes safe this Halloween season.

I’ve never heard of The Worst Witch before, but after stumbling across this glorious snippet, I’ve got to get my hands on it somehow. Released in 1986, the feature aired on both HBO and The Disney Channel during its Halloween season for a period of ten whole years, ending in ’96. There’s a VHS out there waiting for me somewhere, I just know it; it was released on home video in ’94, and then again on DVD another ten years later in ’04.

Though the clip of “Anything Can Happen on Halloween” is undeniably funny – and overwhelmingly corny – I’ve got to give it to Curry once again. The man can sing, and he delivers even the most ridiculous performance with a charm that most other actors would kill for.

But oh manwhen he flies out of that castle in the beginning of the clip? That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Get into the season with the clip below. Show your friends and let them know that this is your new favorite song.