Did You Spot Tim Curry’s Pennywise in the New IT Trailer?


Written by Patti Pauley

You’ll float too… You’ll float too… YOU’LL FLOAT TOOOOOOO!!

You’re damn right I’m floating too. With excitement after today’s much-anticipated reveal of the third official Stephen King’s IT trailer that gave us a horrifying closer look at Pennywise. Something the marketing team has been teasing for over the course of almost a year now with teases and glimpses here and there. Today, IT speaks for the first time that most have heard in the new trailer in the infamous novel excerpt that taunts our little Georgie. But, Penny’s voice and presence¬†weren’t the only things that took our breath away today. The trailer also threw in a super cool Easter Egg fans of the 1990 miniseries should get a kick of- an homage to the great Tim Curry!


I’ll admit, much like the previous trailer releases for IT, I watched it over and over but noticed something that stood out to me upon my fourth viewing. In the last scene of the trailer in the room full of goddamn painted nightmares, and of course Pennywise, there’s a clown doll that looks awfully a lot like Tim Curry’s version of Pennywise the Dancing Clown; and after going back, replaying it two more times, IT was definitely an homage to Mr. Curry that we were seeing for sure. What a nice little tribute from Andy Muschietti and company.

Yep. That’s definitely Tim.


tim curry



New Line Cinema’s adaptation of Stephen King’s IT floats into theaters this September 8th, 2017. And just because we can’t get enough of the new trailer, here IT is again for your sick and twisted enjoyment!