Written by John Squires

Tim Curry is without question one of the most beloved actors in the history of cinema. Characters like Frank-n-Furter, Pennywise, and the Lord of Darkness are just a few of Curry’s most iconic, and they showcase the unparalleled range of his acting abilities. He is, was, and forever will be a one-of-a-kind performer, and if you’ve ever wanted to meet him, now is your time.

Despite recent health issues that have mostly brought an end to his acting career, Tim Curry will be making a rare appearance at the upcoming Chiller Theatre convention in Parsippany, New Jersey, which takes place on the weekend of October 28th. As announced by the official Chiller Theatre Facebook page this week, Curry will take photos with fans on Friday night and Saturday only, and pre-signed autographs can also be purchased.

The cost to take a photo with Curry is $100, while the autograph will run you $89. To clarify, he will NOT be signing autographs at the show, but those can be purchased over on the OC Celebrity Marketing website. Photos from IT, Clue, Legend, Home Alone 2, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show are available. All orders will be shipped on October 25th.

Other horror guests scheduled to appear at this October’s Chiller Theatre include Richard “Doom Head” Brake from Rob Zombie’s 31, Shavar “Reggie the Reckless” Ross from Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, Howard “Bub” Sherman from Day of the Dead, Lou Taylor Pucci from the Evil Dead remake, and Tyler Labine from Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

Head over to the Chiller Theatre website for more info!