Unfriended: Dark Web arrives in theaters July 20th
Unfriended: Dark Web

It looks like we're being pulled into the "Dark Web". 😱 This stuff is scary... if you don't cover your computer camera... you might after watching this! Unfriended Dark Web is out July 20th! 🖥👀 #Unfriended #DarkWeb #iHorror #UnfriendedDarkWeb

Posted by iHorror on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Happy Halloween!  Since you’ve probably blown all of your money on candy and costumes, you might need this batch of free movies especially badly right now.  So here they are…


Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 10-31-17 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
The Editor (2014), courtesy XYZ Films.

The Editor

True to its name, The Editor is about a washed-up film editor who finds himself the prime suspect when the actors in his latest movie wind up murdered.  This 2014 schlockfest was made by the Astron-6 guys who also brought us Father’s Day, so you kind of have an idea of what to expect from this heavy giallo tribute.  Besides Astron-6, The Editor also stars Paz de la Huerta, Udo Kier, Jerry Wasserman, and Laurence R. Harvey.  Take a look at The Editor right here at Shout Factory TV.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 10-31-17 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971), courtesy Paramount Pictures.

Let’s Scare Jessica to Death

Let’s Scare Jessica to Death is about a woman, appropriately named Jessica, who moves to the country with her husband after a stint in a mental facility.  Once there, she learns that her new home has a dark past, one that causes her fragile mind to once again unravel.  Made is 1971 by director John Hancock (just before he did Bang the Drum Slowly, the best baseball movie ever made), Let’s Scare Jessica to Death is a slowly unwinding mystery, part supernatural spookfest and part psychological thriller.  It also stars Zohra Lampert in the title role.  Check out Let’s Scare Jessica to Death here at Popcornflix.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 10-31-17 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
Legend Has It (2009), courtesy Hollywood Midnight Films.

Legend Has It

Legend Has It is a 2009 sleeper about a documentary crew that investigates a house in which a family was brutally slaughtered years before.  The killer was never caught, and the filmmakers wish they had never set foot in the place once they discover why.  Legend Has It is a low budget affair, and looks it, but it (thankfully) is not (completely) found footage, so it’s got that going for it.  See Legend Has It here at Tubi TV.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 10-31-17 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
Mark of the Witch (2014), courtesy Epic Pictures Releasing.

Mark of the Witch

Also known as Another, Mark of the Witch is about a young woman who is raised by her aunt after her parents’ untimely death.  Soon after her eighteenth birthday, the girl learns that her parents may not have been who she thought they were, and that she herself has a sinister familial lineage.  Stylish and suspenseful, this 2014 offering is not your typical occult movie.  The cast is led by Paulie Redding (Rojas here) and Maria Olsen.  Find Mark of the Witch here at Vudu.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 10-31-17 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
The Atomic Cafe (1982), courtesy Libra Films.

The Atomic Café

This last one is not really a horror movie, but it’s pretty scary in the context of the current political climate.  The Atomic Café is a documentary that is composed of a bunch of little government propaganda films that were made to reassure the American people of the fifties in the face of a nuclear war.  The compilation was put together in 1982, but its parts were made throughout the cold war.  It’s campy in its presentation, but the message is utterly terrifying.  Catch The Atomic Café right here at Snagfilms.


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