Can’t get enough horror movies?  Save your money, and watch these frightening flicks for free just by pointing and clicking.

ttt_10-14-14_1 Intruder

Released in 1989, Intruder was a product of the tail end of the eighties slasher craze.  It’s about a group of overnight supermarket workers who get trapped inside their store while a psychotic killer stalks them, taking them out one by one.  The film boasts a fairly formulaic plot, but it features a great performance by unsung scream queen Elizabeth Cox as well as some cool makeup effects by the KNB team.  Intruder was also directed by Scott Spiegel, co-writer of Evil Dead II, which explains why there are cameos by Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, and Ted Raimi in the film.  Check it out here on Hulu.



Tormented stars the classic sci-fi actor Richard Carlson from Creature from the Black Lagoon and It Came from Outer Space as an average man who is engaged to be married to a beautiful woman.  When his ex-girlfriend shows up to stop him, they argue – and he lets her fall down a cliff to her watery death instead of lending a hand to save her.  Of course, her ghost returns to “torment” him and his future bride.  Directed by low-budget movie mogul Bert I. Gordon in 1960, Tormented is a quick and fun ghost story that features some spooky cool camera tricks.  Nothing heavy, just an enjoyable movie.  Enjoy it here on



Before Bela Lugosi, there was Max Schreck.  This is the one that started it all – F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu, the 1922 silent adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  Although based on the same material as Universal’s famous 1931 classic, Schreck’s Count Orlok is more visually similar to Barlow from Tobe Hooper’s Salem’s Lot than he is to Lugosi’s infamous vampire.  Schreck’s bloodsucker is more genuinely terrifying, especially in the context of the silent movie era.  See it, don’t hear it, here at Snagfilms.


Terror Train

Jamie Lee Curtis had a busy year in 1980.  Thanks to her performance in John Carpenter’s Halloween, the actress had become a bona-fide scream queen a couple of years earlier.  By the time Terror Train was released in October of 1980, Curtis had already appeared in The Fog and Prom Night, so she was no stranger to the horror scene.  Terror Train is about a group of kids on a travelling locomotive during a New Year’s Eve costume party who are picked off by a maniacal murderer who moves about the corridors of the train unnoticed.  Terror Train is typical slasher fare from back when slasher fare was fun.  Illusionist David Copperfield appears in a stretch role as “Ken the Magician.”  Hop on board the Terror Train here on YouTube.


Jug Face

Jug Face is an interesting movie about a backwoods community that worships a mud pit, sacrificing citizens to it in exchange for mysterious healing powers that somehow come from the pit.  When a sacrifice is chosen, a water jug is made in that person’s image.  A young pregnant girl finds out that the next jug is her own and promptly hides it, angering the presence in the pit.  One of the surprises of 2013, Jug Face is both creepy and shocking, full of subtle dread as well as brutal violence.  It’s also a pretty original story, so it’s a good choice for those who are tired of psycho killers or possessive demons.  Watch Jug Face here on Hulu.