Coloring and Christmas. These two things are cornerstones of most of our childhood. What happens when we get older though? What happens to Christmas and coloring then? We sure can’t give it up because when you do that, an angel loses its wings and falls, and burns in the the bowels of hell. Hey that’s just what I was told.Well, good news there is no need to damn innocent angels  to hell, you guys! “Creepy Christmas (A Merry Macabre Coloring Book) is here to once again restore balance between light and darkness and coloring and Christmas.

Mister Sam Shearon’s latest book is full of 40 hand-drawn illustrations that span the globe, to bring us the darkest folklore. It isn’t just Krampus you had to be afraid of during Xmas. Who Knew? There are tons of horrifying Christmas folklore in addition to Krampus. Gryla, Santa Claws, Rabid Rudolph and the Windigo, just to name a few.

Each illustration is paired with a story detailing some spooky facts behind a number of insidious Christmas characters. Long before Santa Clause began coming down your fireplace to deliver joy and eat your cookies, things were much darker. Krampus and other characters from folklore were taking bad children into the forrest to never be heard from again. The lore surrounding Christmas has always been darker and richer than the lore surrounding Halloween.

Shearon’s Creepy Christmas, is a fun way to learn about these monsters. The best part is when you finish the story, you can bust our your colors and add your own personal touch to Shearon’s illustrations.

Mister Sam Shearon’s art has been featured in literature ranging from ‘Hellraiser’ comics to ‘Heavy Metal Magazine’ and has been paired with fantastic musicians, like ‘Rob Zombie‘ and ‘Ministry’.

For more info on Mister Same Shearon’s Creepy Christmas, head over here.


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