Arrow has released some real gems this year. As the year winds to a close, they are still churning out quality releases of cult classic titles. ‘Creepshow 2‘ is probably one of my favorite horror anthologies of all time, and this release takes my love to a higher plain of fandom.

The Michael Gornick directed anthology, penned by George A. Romero and Stephen King featured three stories and a wraparound. “Old Chief Wood’nhead,” “The Raft” and “The Hitchhiker.” Each of these tales followed a bad deed punished by forces from the world of the supernatural. It is hard to pick a favorite from the three, but if I was forced I would have to go with “The Raft.”

That story followed some teenagers who head out to a secluded lake for the weekend and end up at the mercy of a floating blob that devours anyone in its space. The teens try to take refuge on a small raft but as time wears on the creature begins picking them off from under the raft.

Arrow has done a fantastic job with this release. At the top of those awesome features is the 2k remaster. Up until this release, I hadn’t owned this on anything but VHS. So, the picture quality looked pretty damned amazing. In addition there are some brand new interviews with Tom Savini, Daniel Beer, George Romero and a cool look at the make up that went into “Creepshow” with Howard Berger and Greg Nicotero.

The audio commentary with Gornick, gives a honest glimpse into the hardships that went into making his film what it was. All in all it is great to see that that “Creepshow 2” has stood the test of time and lived to tell the its creepy anthology on the format that it deserves.