‘The Scary Closet,’ Amazing, Realistic Horror Puppets

A horror puppet company known as The Scary Closet makes spot-on replicas of horror movie monsters, and you can purchase them yourself.

In a post on Saturday, owner Mark Anthony is celebrating the opening of the new IT with their newest creation, a perfect replica of Tim Curry’s Pennywise.

The Scary Closet is a horror puppet paradise.

He posted the realistic looking head on social media saying, “’Pouty Face Pennywise”’ 50″ inch puppet doll just about ready.”

The company also makes a variety of horror inspired props and replicas available to buy for haunted attractions and private collections.

During the Los Angeles horror convention Monsterpalooza last year, the team provided an interactive display featuring Annabelle and the demonic nun Valak.

Their other works include manipulative and realistic effigies to “Phantasm’s” Angus Scrimm, reproductions of “Billy” from “Dead Silence” and other horror movie icons.

The Scary Closet

You may also remember back in July their completion of a life-sized and highly-detailed possessed Regan doll from the film The Exorcist.


The company is already preparing for Monsterpalooza this September and have posted a photo teaser for their latest display, “Secret hint of what’s coming to @monsterpaloozaofficial September 15,16,17. Can you find the secret hint???”

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Images are courtesy of The Scary Closet.