‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe’ was easily one of the best films at Fantastic Fest 2016. It was an effective horror film that accomplished new levels of terror. The trailer gives a small taste of the film without giving too much away.

The story follows a father and son coroner service. One-night a corpse is brought in with no ID and a unknown cause of death. Once these two begin working on her, they discover that there is something insidious going on. Over the course of a night they are forced to come face to face with an unimaginable evil.

The film isn’t what you would expect. It isn’t a zombie film, it isn’t a cheap jump scare film. It is intense, unexpected and works on a highly effective and terrifying level.

Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox star as the father and son team in a overnight film that takes place entirely in the basement of the corners office. Norwegian Director, Ande Overdal (Troll Hunter) is on our shortlist of the best genre directors working today. His approach to filmmaking stands outside the safe Hollywood blueprint. “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” takes you to dangerous areas, and Overdal makes sure you won’t feel safe until the credits roll.

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