Thank you iHorror Fans: Our App Races up Charts

We at iHorror aren’t ones to shamelessly plug ourselves, but when the opportunity comes along, we, like everyone else take advantage of our success and want to share that with you; the most important people in our publication.

The iHorror app has surprised us lately thanks to fans like you, we are climbing up the iTunes “News” chart by leaps and bounds.

Yesterday morning we were at #67. In the afternoon we were closely following behind the Buzzfeed News and The New Yorker app at #51 and #52 respectively: That really is something to be proud of.

Think about it, while Fox News and NPR are busy covering the headlines of the day, they don’t cover updates on “Cult of Chucky” or “Jeepers Creepers 3” in their feeds – we do!

We are like the CNN of horror news.

iTunes has us at #33 of all the news apps in America right now, and we’re still climbing!

iHorror app is great on-the-go

Not only is this a big win for us, this also benefits you, horror readers. Thousands upon thousands of other people are constantly getting updates on everything in the horror community from the latest movies to weird and interesting genre news – just with the tap on that familiar bleeding eye icon.

At iHorror, we want to thank each and every one of you who have made our site what it is; 1.6 million fans strong and growing.

We also want to express our appreciation to those on-the-go fans away from their laptops who take out their phones and check our app whenever the mood strikes.

And to those who have yet to experience all that our site has to offer through the convenience of our app, we want to thank you prematurely because once you do go iHorror-mobile, you’ll likely anchor it to your home screen.

Self-promotion? Yes, it is.

Patting our own backs? Yes, we are.

However, we could not have done anything like this without you, our fans.

Although we are shouting our own praises today, we are also shouting yours because despite there being an “i” in our name we would be nothing without you!

Thanks iHorror readers!

Now back to our regularly scheduled news stories.