We’ve known for a while that Syanpse has been painstakingly restoring the Dario Argento masterpiece Suspiria for Blu-ray in 4k and fans have been eagerly awaiting. This past week, Synapse Films teased some comparison photos on their website and do they look absolutely beautiful. Colors are redefined and vivid, I believe this is the way Suspiria is meant to be seen. See for yourself and read the exert from their website.

The following images are some basic comparison shots between the recently released 2017 Italian Blu-ray of Suspiria from Videa, and our version currently in the restoration stage (not all are the EXACT frame, but are within a few frames).

The Videa Italian Blu-ray transfer is shown on top. Our upcoming restoration is at the bottom.

We are posting these publicly without further comment.

Our version will be released later in 2017.

Well, there you go. Looks like Suspiria is going to be well worth the wait.