In 2008, a trio of masked villains invaded a home and brutally murdered a young couple, for the simple (and bone-chilling) reason that they were home. The film was of course Bryan Bertino’s The Strangers, and though it didn’t work for everyone, it damn sure worked for me.

A sequel to The Strangers has been in the works for many years now, and it’s been rumored and talked about more times than we can count. In 2015, it seems, The Strangers 2 is finally getting off the ground, and a new director has just come on board.

The Wrap reports that Marcel Langenegger is in negotiations to direct the sequel this spring, which is being penned by Ben Ketai (Beneath). The Strangers 2 follows a family on the verge of sending their troubled teenage daughter to boarding school as they embark on one last family trip to a mobile home park that their uncle runs.

Of course, the family’s last bonding opportunity turns to horror when the teenage children discover the bodies of their aunt and uncle, fresh from a recent visit from the Strangers — Man in the Mask, Pin Up Girl and Dollface. The night becomes a race to escape for the family, as the masked killers take new pleasure in tormenting their victims in this twisted sequel that picks up where the original’s bloody footprints leave off.

We’ll have more on this one as we learn it!