Written by Patti Pauley

Unless you don’t have access to Netflix or have been living in the same cave as Smeogal, then most of you will most likely agree that Stranger Things was both the biggest and best damn surprise in 2016 streaming TV. In which case, I’m fairly certain HBO is kicking themselves so very hard in the ass right now for turning the series down. In any regard, mega-boss stream site Netflix picked up the little show that nobody wanted, and we haven’t looked back since. From the hardcore cult of ‘Barb’dom’, to the most welcomed return of the beloved Winona Ryder, Stranger Things is just what this world needed in the shit show that was 2016.

Ever since we binged the entire season in just under 24 hours this past Summer, us fans of the ‘Upside-Down’ have been going through some massive withdrawals. However, the kind, accommodating Interwebs have been fulfilling that need, even it is just a lick of that delectable fudge pop, with gorgeous fan-service  parodies such as Stranger Pugs, which you can read about here. And someone even made a goddamn 8-bit video game featuring a playable Sheriff Hopper with a quest to locate Will Byers! While yes, it’s not easy to top Stranger Pugs or even 8-bit nostalgia game-play, Stranger Things mashed with Peanuts may be giving them a run for their money.

Credit to the fine folks at Polygon and filmmakers Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez who have taken that golden cast of Stranger Things and reimagining them Peanuts style in A Charlie Brown Christmas parody. The short film follows Will Byers, who was recently rescued from the ‘Upside-Down’, and his difficulty with getting into the yuletide spirit. On a personal note, can you blame him? The poor kid was trapped in a horrifying alternate dimension for fucks’ sake. That would put a damper on any crappy holiday that isn’t Halloween.

So along with the Peanuts Christmas goofy, seizure-like dancing sequences (seen above) that brilliantly appear in this mash-up, little Will seeks advice from his friends in hopes of regaining some Christmas joy this season. Check out the full video below!


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