Stranger Things Cast Wraps Season 2, Celebrates By Sharing the Love on Instagram

When your cast is chock-full of talented, bright-eyed youngsters, there’s bound to be a certain camaraderie in the group. The Stranger Things cast is a perfect example. The group clearly bonded through the filming of Season 1 – and through the media circus that was to follow. Having just wrapped filming on Season 2, the cast collectively took to Instagram to celebrate and – adorably – share their love for one another.

With the addition of some new cast members (and returning cast members like Noah Schnapp in a more visible role), the young stars seem to have formed some close connections. They wax poetic about how much they’ll miss each other, take group photos, and get up to some age-appropriate hijinx – water gun battles with the crew and group henna tattoos. It’s like the last day of an incredibly public and expensive summer camp. They’re infectiously sweet and it’s just adorable.

Their delightful group chemistry helped them earn the Screen Actors Guild award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. They struck a wonderful balance that won over fans and critics alike; each actor elevates the performance of their counterpart in a beautiful way.

Stranger Things Season 2 hits Netflix on October 31, 2017 (a perfectly spooky release date). Just another reason why we can’t wait for Halloween.

Noach Schnapp plays the unfortunate Will Byers who – having spent the majority of Season 1 in “the upside-down” – has finally returned home. It’s so good to have him back! But has he brought something with him? Time will tell.

I just wrapped! Got some matching 2 week tattoos with some people I love.

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Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) – embracing the horror theme – can be seen next in the highly anticipated It remake. 

Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) will star in the upcoming Godzilla 2.

That's a wrap Stranger Things S2. Thank u so much to cast and crew for an amazing year. Special shout out to @amylforsythe for the epic water gun show down. I have so much to say to everyone so bare with me: Sadie: even though we've only met this year, it feels like we've known each other forever. You r one of the sweetest people I know, u have everyone's back and are amazingly talented. Bobs burgers, Clif Bars, changing contests in our side by side trailers. I won't forget it! Until next year Sudiee❤ Caleb: I remember meeting u 2 years ago at our auditions in LA. When we started talking I remember wishing u would b one to get this role cuz I loved hanging with u. you are the funniest, most light spirited person i know and when i need someone to tell me to call the cocoa police ill come to u. Thanks for singing all the chicken noodle soups u could! You are one of the best friends a person could have. Love u so much bro. Until next year Caloooob.❤ Gaten: Gaten, thank u for always bringing happiness and positivity to every room u walk into. You are so humble and kind. You care about each and every one of us and I don't know what i would've done this year without u. Thanks for being there for me always. love u man. Until next year Gateanooooo.❤ Finn: Finn, thanks for always stickin w me. You are always hangin around set watching me even when you are done. In school it would be so boring w out ur awesome paintings (even tho mine are better) and I can't believe i'm not gonna b able to see u for the rest of this year. You are the weirdest person i know in the best way and it's awesome. Don't change man. Love u so much. Until next year Finnlard❤ Millie: Millie, if I ever have anything on my mind, i'll go to u. You always watch out for me and never let me fall. I don't know how this years gonna go without u but i'm gonna try it out. Thanks for always being there for me( even if things went 0-100 real quick😂) I hope that horror movies don't freak me out now that you're not there to watch them w me. Thank you for keeping me calm in stressful situations or maybe thanks for being a pretty good therapist. Love u so much. Until next year Miwstah❤

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